Travel Tuesday

Travel Guide PDF (with links!) 

How Travel Tuesday works: 

Travel Tuesday is a self-led program-that means we did a bunch of the planning, but you can choose when and how to complete it! There are six destinations: 

  • Across the Country
  • Around the World
  • Out of the Atmosphere
  • Back in Time
  • Into a Book
  • Build Your Own

You can choose to complete them in any order, one per week, one per day--whatever works for you! And while there are activities to read, watch, listen, eat, and try, do whatever sounds fun for your family. 

The activities should be able to work for a range of ages, and the book and movie suggestions contain titles for both younger and older children. Check what you're choosing to decide if it's right for your family. 

So, to get started: 

Grab the Travel Guide at the top of the page! Save it on a device, print a copy, or just refer to it to get you started. There's some instructions, and then tons of fun activities on each page. (The PDF contains direct links, but if it's easier to access them from a webpage, ie if you have a printed copy, scroll to the bottom of this page! You'll still need a copy of the Travel Guide, though!) 


If you're in the Lowville area, we have bags with a handful of books and a movie or two for each destination. There's a bag for younger kids (picture books and easy nonfiction) and a bag for older kids (chapter books and longer nonfiction). To check availability and schedule pickup of book/movie bags, call Lowville Free Library, 315-376-2131. 

  • Bags will be checked out for a week, and contains all items as a unit. Please return everything in the bag as a unit as well!
  • Patrons are limited to two bags at a time.
  • Bags can only be returned to Lowville Free Library.
  • If you'd like one of the items for longer, or have any other questions about the items, please give us a call!


Travel Tuesday Activity Links

Gulf Coast: 

Eat: Low Country Boil

Try: Scholastic on Hurricanes, Hurricane in a Bowl 

Listen: Zydeco, Album 1, Album 2


Eat: Japanese rice balls, Candy Sushi

Try: Origami 

Listen: Playlist


Eat: Freeze-dried Ice Cream Sandwiches

Try: SpacePlace from NASA

Listen: Song in Space

Wild West: 

Eat: Campfire Cobbler

Try: Lasso

Listen: Cowboy Playlist


Listen: Jungle