Teacher Services

One of the missions of the Lowville Free Library is to provide resources and materials for the education of the citizens of Lewis County. In pursuit of that goal, the Library would like the opportunity to contribute to the success of your school and students. If you are a teacher or educator, you are encouraged to take advantage of our many free services, including a wealth of homework and educational tools in our library and through our website.

Class Tours

We invite you to bring your class to the library for a visit. Typically, this includes a tour of the library, Stories and time to check out books. We can also design a program to suit class projects or research like jeopardy games, scavenger hunts, etc.   Library Card application form is attached for printing on this page.  Please distribute to students that do not already have a library card and wish to get one.  If they have a library card for any of the North Country Library System libraries which in include libraries of Lewis, St. Lawrence, Jefferson, or Oswego Counties they will work at Lowville Free Library.  Library Card Application to Print

Wii Party /XBOX /Class Incentives

The Library has a Wii, , XBOX, projector screen, and games available for in-library use.  If you would like to reward your class for behaving, completing a project, or whatever, just reserve the room  by calling the library.  Games available are: Wii Sports, Decca Sports, Super Smash Brother Brawl, Dance Dance Revolution ( with 3 or 4 pads) , and Rock Band .  DDR and Rock Band must be  requested when reserving room.  You can also have your students bring in their own games to play.  WE also have DDR with Connect for XBOX.  Responsible Adult must be in room at all times. 


The Library has an Ellison Die Cut or Accucut  machine that teachers can use to cut out alphabet letters and other shapes and figures for displays or projects.   We have the whole 4 inch alphabet dies here in the library for use anytime.  We also have access to hundreds on die cuts. Just let us know at least two weeks ahead  and what die cuts you need.   We ask that you call in advance to let us know when you are coming and that you supply your own paper.  We also have a small machine and limited dies to use for small projects or scrap booking.

Ask for Dawn  or email request to : dmyers@ncls.org


Doing a classroom project and need lots of reference materials for your students? Please send us an "Assignment Alert" to let us know of your upcoming projects and assignments! If we are prepared, we can better serve both you and your students! The teacher can request specific books to be gathered in advance, and then check them out on their Library Card for use in the classroom.  Due dates can be extended for teachers using materials for the classroom.

All of these requests can be made via:

**Phone: (315) 376-2131

Please be prepared to share with us the following information regarding your assignment:

*Teacher's name and phone number we can best reach you at (work or home)

*School, grade, and number of students involved in the assignment

*Dates of the assignment

*A description of the assignment, including what materials you would like (non-fiction books on polar bears, 12 copies of "The Outsiders", etc.)

*How many materials you need

*When you would like to pick the materials up