Friday, April 3

Weekend Challenge: Family Lego Battle!

To get started:

- Grab your legos, or other blocks/building toys

- Print or draw a spinner board (link at bottom of post)

To play: Each player around the circle spins to get their challenge. Set a timer (adjust the time to accommodate the age of your kids, or with younger kids, work in teams), and everyone tries to complete their challenge in the time. At the end of the round, take time to talk about what you built, what was most difficult, and why. Play 5 rounds, or adapt as needed. Follow up with ice cream (optional). 

Alternate: Instead of a spinner, choose 11 of the challenges, number them 2-12, and use dice!

Lego Challenge Spinner


Thursday, April 2

Day 8 Challenge: It feels like a finger puppet kind of day to me! Make little puppets (for your fingers or on a popsicle stick, etc.) and then put on a puppet show. As always, I'd love to see them! Message, comment, or tag us. #lowvillefreelibrarykidsclub

Read it again: Today's storytime book was Packs: Strengh in Numbers by Hannah Salyer. 

Readaloud: Henry and the Chalk Dragon by Jennifer Trafton. 


Wednesday, April 1

Day 7 Challenge: Kids Club Challenge Day 7: Find something to wear that makes you brave, and wear it today! What makes you feel brave? Is it dressing up like a superhero or a knight? Is it your favorite shirt? Or a beautiful dress? Maybe dressing up like your favorite character from a story? Or a firefighter? Be brave today, friends! I'd love to see it--message or post a photo or tag us! #lowvillefreelibrarykidsclub 

Read it again: Today's storytime book was Little Bear's Trousers by Jane Hissey. 

Readaloud: Henry and the Chalk Dragon by Jennifer Trafton. 


Tuesday, March 31

Day 6 Challenge: Add a message to your windows. Did you put up hearts, rainbows, or both? Leave them up, but add a message to make people smile, laugh, and feel better. It could be a picture, a word, a joke... lots of things. What would you like to say to people? And while you're at it, put up a message where you'll see it--on the bathroom mirror, next to your bed, or where you do school or projects. What would make YOU smile, laugh, or feel better? Make a reminder! #lowvillefreelibrarykidsclub 

Read it again: Today's storytime book was 1 2 3 The Farm and Me by Maddie Frost

Readaloud: Henry and the Chalk Dragon by Jennifer Trafton


Monday, March 30

Day 5 Challenge: It's the start of a new week and we've all been home for awhile now. It's time for a dance party! Take turns choosing songs from movie soundtracks to dance to. (Some suggestions: The Greatest Showman, Trolls, The Little Mermaid, You've Got Mail, La La Land.) Bonus ideas:
- Play 'Follow the Leader' where one person leads the dance, and everyone else copies them.
- Combine a dance party and some chores, like tidying the house or making dinner--turn up the music, start grooving, and get some work done together.
- Use dance parties as a break. If you're having a hard time getting through work and school assignments, take a break to dance to one song every hour. It'll get your heart rate up, get the wiggles out, and make you laugh--all of which will make it easier to get back to work. #lowvillefreelibrarykidsclub 

Read it again: Today's storytime book was The Rabbit Listened by Cori Doerrfeld


Friday, March 27

Weekend Challenge: 
(On weekends we'll post a challenge that might take a little extra time. Here's your first one!)
Choose somewhere to explore over the weekend (all while practicing safe social distancing)! Here's some ideas:

  • Print a map and draw a route to walk. Choose streets you've never walked down, or make your route in a shape (a letter, number, or actual shape). Then go for a long walk!
  • Visit a state park or hiking trail you've never tried before. Tug Hill Tomorrow Land Trust has a Places to Explore page on their website!
  • Go for a drive. Take turns deciding which way to turn, or decide on a pattern before you leave (right, right, left, etc.)
  • See if you can find all of the libraries or fire departments in Lewis County (there are 12 of each!).

As always, we'd love to see what you do--show us where you ended up this weekend! Post, message, or tag us in a photo! #lowvillefreelibrarykidsclub

Read it again: Today's storytime book was Horton Hatches the Egg by Dr. Seuss. 


Thursday, March 26

Day 3 Challenge: After reading The Box Turtle, make your own turtle shell from a box... or something else you can find! Could you make a shell from a box? Yep! Could you make a shell from a bag? That could work! Could you make a shell from some paper or a sweatshirt or a laundry basket? Sure! If you want to do even more, make a habitat for a turtle (with your shell on, that's you!). A habitat is a home. What would a turtle need for a home? Build it! (You can be creative or use your imagination for the things that you can't actually add, like water.) Comment, message, or tag us with a photo-I have such a fun time looking through your pictures. #lowvillefreelibrarykidsclub 

Read it again: Today's storytime book was The Box Turtle by Vanessa Roeder. 


Wednesday, March 25

Day 2 Challenge: Look up America's Test Kitchen Kids, and do something fun (or maybe a couple things)! There's recipes, trivia, and super cool crafts and experiments. I have my eye on the 'That's a Fruit?' quiz and the 'Flatbreads' recipe... and maybe 'How to Season with Salt.' There's too many fun things! Like yesterday, I would LOVE to see what you do--send a picture to the library or tag us when you post! #lowvillefreelibrarykidsclub 

Read it again: Today's storytime book was Little Cloud by Eric Carle. 


Tuesday, March 24

Day 1 Challenge: Put a rainbow in a window of your house! Like hearts last week, let's put rainbows in our windows for everyone walking and driving to see. Your rainbow could be made of paper, or fabric, or something else, and could be in a regular rainbow shape or a different shape! See what you can come up with. When you're done, you could take a picture and send it to the library, or post and tag us! This week, when you go for a walk or a drive around town, see how many rainbows you can find. #lowvillefreelibrarykidsclub

Read it again: Today's storytime book was Tap the Magic Tree by Christie Matheson.